Welcome to Brew on a Budget!


Are you excited to start home brewing but nervous about the cost?  (What will my wife/girlfriend/mom/cat say if I spend $1,500 on a brew stand?!)

Are you a veteran home brewer who is looking to save some cash?  (Tired of paying $4/oz for hops or $80 per corny keg at the local home brew store?!)

Are you a rich guy who just wants to buy all the latest, greatest gear?

Ok, #1 and #2: stick around, this is going to get exciting!


Brew on a Budget is here to help you learn from my experience.  There are literally thousands of fantastic tutorials for home brewers around the inter-webs.  However, most of them share two common problems:  They assume you’re made of money and that you’re an expert-level carpenter/metal worker/scientist/ninja.  “Great kegerator instruct able bro; wish I had $1,000 and a garage full of tools laying around to build it too!”  My tutorials keep your hard-earned money in mind, and they can be completed by even the least “handy” people.

When I got into home brewing, I found that I fit neither of the descriptions above.  I also quickly realized that it can be an expensive endeavor if you’re not careful.  Sure, you can crank out some half-decent brews with nothing more than a turkey fryer and some extract.  However, if you want to take it to the next level (all-grain brewing) without going broke, continue reading.  The Brew on a Budget tutorials will describe how I got started, with mistakes and discoveries along the way.  I’m happy to report that I’m a 100% all-grain brewer, and I have managed to keep overall costs extremely low.  If you’re just starting out, follow along with my Step-by-Step Guide to guid your own all-grain brew system.**  If you’re an experienced brewer, check out my Super Savings page for the latest money-saving brew tips!  I’ll show you how to:

  • Identify brewing equipment/materials inexpensively
  • Buy supplies in bulk and preserve them to save on volume
  • Build a custom kegerator**
  • Utilize your new skills to build equipment for others (for a profit!)

**NO prior construction skills required!  (I had NONE when I started brewing, and I didn’t even own power tools.)

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