Recirculating Beer Line Cleaner – Never Waste CO2 Again

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If you have a kegerator, you have likely gotten to the point where your beer lines MUST be cleaned.  Cleaning the lines is a necessary evil to ensure your beer is not contaminated by off flavors or bacteria as it sits in the lines.  Most people recommend cleaning your lines once ever 2-6 weeks to have proper sanitation.  Others simply try to clean the line when they switch out the keg.  Either way, you should be doing it… but can be quite an annoying process.

The usual cleaning method involves setting aside an extra keg, filling it with cleaner (Beer Line Cleaner or PBW), hooking it up to CO2, and running the solution through the line.  While this can be an effective method, it severely lacks efficiency.  It requires you to have an extra keg available, and to use enough CO2 to empty the keg.  Last time I checked, CO2 isn’t free!  Then if you want to clean additional lines, you have to repeat the whole process… NO THANKS!  “There’s gotta be a better way!!” Continue reading


Save 40 PERCENT on Hops

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A great way to save money while brewing is to reduce costs on the actual ingredients.  It’s no secret that buying supplies in bulk can result in HUGE cost savings.  However, some people don’t realize that they can save 40 percent this way.  Let me give you an example using my favorite hop, Mosaic. Continue reading

BEST Deal on Home Brew Kegs

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Are you tired of bottling your home brew yet?  I only bottled my very first batch before I knew I would have to make the switch to kegging.  It’s SO much better!!

  • No finding/scrubbing/sanitizing bottles!
  • No messy bottling process!
  • No uncertain carbonation levels (bye bye gushers & bottle bombs!)
  • No waiting a month to sample your brew!
  • No more wasting a full bottle for a small sample!
  • Look like a total BAD ASS serving beer on tap at your house!

Continue reading to find out how inexpensive kegging can be…