Save 13 Percent at Adventures in Homebrewing Today

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Adventures in Homebrewing is running a site-wide 13% off sale, ending today!  This is a great opportunity to load up on their very inexpensive kegs.  You could also grab the necessary supplies to build your very own automatic beer line cleaner.  Or, if you are planning to brew soon, you may as well grab your grains, hops, and yeast at a 13% savings.   Continue reading


Build an Army of Yeast-ies

Author’s Note: Post contains affiliate links.

IMG_5581The old saying holds true, “Brewers make wort, and yeast makes beer.”  Yeast gives our brews their alcohol content (hooray!), and many yeast strains add distinctive flavors.  It’s no secret that growing, harvesting, and saving yeast is one of the biggest cost savers in home brewing.  With White Labs vials going for $7-$11 and Wyeast Smack Packs going for $8-$14, yeast can easily become one of the biggest ingredient costs.  Higher gravity beers (1.060+ Original Gravity) will even require multiple vials/smack packs to achieve the correct pitch rate, taking your yeast cost to $14-$28 per 5 gallons!  Fortunately, you can virtually eliminate this cost by taking a few simple steps… Continue reading

Recirculating Beer Line Cleaner – Never Waste CO2 Again

Author’s Note: Post contains affiliate links.

If you have a kegerator, you have likely gotten to the point where your beer lines MUST be cleaned.  Cleaning the lines is a necessary evil to ensure your beer is not contaminated by off flavors or bacteria as it sits in the lines.  Most people recommend cleaning your lines once ever 2-6 weeks to have proper sanitation.  Others simply try to clean the line when they switch out the keg.  Either way, you should be doing it… but can be quite an annoying process.

The usual cleaning method involves setting aside an extra keg, filling it with cleaner (Beer Line Cleaner or PBW), hooking it up to CO2, and running the solution through the line.  While this can be an effective method, it severely lacks efficiency.  It requires you to have an extra keg available, and to use enough CO2 to empty the keg.  Last time I checked, CO2 isn’t free!  Then if you want to clean additional lines, you have to repeat the whole process… NO THANKS!  “There’s gotta be a better way!!” Continue reading