Meet the Brewer

About MeJesse is an avid home brewer, bargain hunter, and tinkerer.  He grew up going to yard sales and flea markets.  His friends know him as a deal hunting specialist.  Without the right eye for bargains, home brewing can become an expensive hobby.

Jesse writes Brew on a Budget to introduce aspiring brewers to the wonderful world of home brewing in a creative and cost-effective manner!  From building equipment to identifying steals on brewing necessities, significant cash can be saved with the right know-how!

Jesse has a Finance degree from the University of Georgia, and a background working with banks and valuation firms.  He spent his college years learning how money works in the economy, and now he is applying that knowledge to help you make beer in the most economical way available.  His financial advice comes from experience and education.

While not brewing or scouting deals, Jesse enjoys traveling with his lovely wife, serving with the local church, playing the drums, drinking craft beer, and hitting the disc golf course!

Cheers! 554240_10101457221593090_1575775519_n

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One thought on “Meet the Brewer

  1. I really liked the video on the Recirculating Beer Line Cleaner. Your parts list only addresses a setup for pin or ball lock, would you know what I can use for a sankey coupler? I have a two tap setup where one is for a commercial keg hook up and the other is ball lock for my homebrew kegs.

    Any advice would be appreciated.


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