Recirculating Beer Line Cleaner – Never Waste CO2 Again

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If you have a kegerator, you have likely gotten to the point where your beer lines MUST be cleaned.  Cleaning the lines is a necessary evil to ensure your beer is not contaminated by off flavors or bacteria as it sits in the lines.  Most people recommend cleaning your lines once ever 2-6 weeks to have proper sanitation.  Others simply try to clean the line when they switch out the keg.  Either way, you should be doing it… but can be quite an annoying process.

The usual cleaning method involves setting aside an extra keg, filling it with cleaner (Beer Line Cleaner or PBW), hooking it up to CO2, and running the solution through the line.  While this can be an effective method, it severely lacks efficiency.  It requires you to have an extra keg available, and to use enough CO2 to empty the keg.  Last time I checked, CO2 isn’t free!  Then if you want to clean additional lines, you have to repeat the whole process… NO THANKS!  “There’s gotta be a better way!!”

Fortunately, there IS a better way!  Allow me to introduce the recirculating beer line cleaner!Recirculating Beer Line Cleaner  This device is very simple to build, and it cost less than $30.  It will allow you to clean all of your beer lines without using any CO2 or separate kegs.  It runs continuously, and recirculates the cleaning solution through your beer lines until you decide to turn it off.  NO MESS, NO FUSS, NO WASTE!  See the parts list and video above to make your own!

Here are the parts you will need to build this useful little device (prices listed are current as of time of writing):

Total cost = $29.36 (Pin Lock) or $32.36 (Ball Lock)

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11 thoughts on “Recirculating Beer Line Cleaner – Never Waste CO2 Again

  1. I fired this up last night, but had trouble with the pressure. Even at full-blast there wasn’t enough to push the water up into the line. Any suggestions? Maybe a stronger pump? I did remove the poppet… could that be the issue?

    Thanks, and keep it up!


    • I’ve never had trouble with lack of pressure. I don’t remove the poppet… Try putting that back in and running it again. Did you fully submerge the pump in water? Also, how long & what diameter are your beer lines?


      • I’ll put the poppet back in and give it a shot… pump was totally submerged and the beer lines (not at home right now) are pretty standard diameter and 5 feet long (they came with the tap tower). Tapping my first beer tonight/tomorrow based on success! Thanks for the quick response!


  2. Sorry for the delay… I put the poppet in and filled the bucket with more water and it worked perfectly! What a great and easy hack to clean those beer lines. I was working off a tap tower on a kegerator, so I think gravity had a little something to do with it too. I lifted the lines after a few seconds and the water flowed perfectly.

    Thanks again!


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