Save 40 PERCENT on Hops

Author’s Note: Post contains affiliate links.

A great way to save money while brewing is to reduce costs on the actual ingredients.  It’s no secret that buying supplies in bulk can result in HUGE cost savings.  However, some people don’t realize that they can save 40 percent this way.  Let me give you an example using my favorite hop, Mosaic.  This example uses prices from LabelPeelers  – some of the lowest hop prices I’ve found anywhere.  They also offer a 10% discount for first time customers.hop

1oz Mosaic Pellet Hops = $1.79**

1lb (16oz) Mosaic Pellet Hops = $17.92**

**Hop prices change regularly.  I used the available price at the time I wrote this blog entry.

When you buy a pound instead of 16 individual ounces, these prices translate to a savings of $10.72, or 40% per pound!!  I also think about it as “buy 10oz, get 6oz for FREE!”  Additional discounts are also offered if you pick up 10 or more pounds at once.  If these savings are so great, then why aren’t more people doing this…?!  Many people worry that they will not be able to use all of their hops before they lose potency. 

Fear not!  There is a very simple method to preserve hops and extend their useful lives significantly.  Hops have 3 primary enemies who will try to steal their power: light, heat, and oxygen.  If you remove these three factors, hops can last a very long time.  A FoodSaver can seal out the oxygen, and freezer storage takes care of the heat and light.  FoodSavers can be a bit pricey, but they are also very useful for other kitchen applications.  The rolls of heat-seal bags are perfect, because you can make custom-sized bags for different hop quantities.  I use a small kitchen scale to weigh out the hops into 1oz bags and label them with a sharpie.

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